Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oh, good! A committee!

The boys in the new club - the Southern Baptist "Great Commission Resurgence" Club - are so excited that delegates (sorry. "messengers") to the annual meeting voted for their committee. Everyone knows that the best way to spark renewed passion for the Great Commission is to appoint a committee to study the situation and bring back recommendations.

What a bunch of Baptists.

If you want to see real change in Southern Baptist churches, you can start with about two-thirds of their members getting saved.

Then you need to talk to the backsliders about lordship.

Then you should to talk to the superficial Christians about discipleship.

Then you ought to get everybody on their knees at the altar, confessing their sins and righting wrong relationships. (The Calvinists should set the example for the "weaker brothers" and be the first to apologize - for being arrogant know-it-alls.)

Then you should get each member to pick five unsaved people with whom to develop Kingdom relationships and pick five new believers to disciple.

Then you should all get on the church van and head over across the tracks and see how things are going in the real world.

Then some of you get on a bus and head cross country to help start a new church. And some others get on a plane and fly overseas to sit with people dying of AIDS.

Then everyone meet back here one year from today and we'll talk about all the great things God did while the GCR Committee was spending buckets of money, deliberating how to keep God's Southern Baptist Kingdom out of the crapper. (Mark Driscoll told me it was "missional" to use that word in this context.)

These boys make all kinds of noise about passion for the Great Commission. Then they form a committee to talk about reorganizing the denomination.

Oh, yes, that ought to work. I mean, it worked for Jesus, right?